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Blast from the #homecooking last night. Bhuni Gobi with rice. Yum yum! Looking to cover #homechefs in #Gurgaon. Whatsapp 8826248131 pic.twitter.com/gDp0sOixeq

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) August 11, 2017

Nice. #foodporn from the @thepeopleandco on Wed. #Gurgaon pic.twitter.com/GOCvORYBcm

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) August 12, 2017
Had a gala time at PeoplenCo, which is at CyberHub, Gurgaon. They have a very happening place and a very passionate and good chef, Abhinav Sharma.
Please do check out the interview we did with him, here.

ICYMI our shopping walk @ambiencemalls #Gurgaon #Gurugram. @hm @hmindia #shopping #retailtherapy #weekend #menscclothes pic.twitter.com/f7o3xy47ig

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) August 12, 2017

Smelling paan ice cream before eating it! 😝 #food #fun exploring the city with us #Gurgaon #Gurugram pic.twitter.com/eUsJSBIqKM

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) August 12, 2017
Ever smelled Paan Ice cream before eating it. Follow us on Twitter for live updates on what is happening in Gurgaon.

If you like what you see, please feel free to like/RT &tell your friends. More love will encourage us. ❤️💓 #Gurgaon @dlf_cyberhub last night pic.twitter.com/8XKjf6u1Us

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) August 12, 2017

What a beautiful day in #Gurgaon today. It is 31 deg C and met says it won't rain. #Gurugran pic.twitter.com/inT7A3RwSX

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) July 13, 2017

What are the other options to eat/snack before 11 AM in #Gurgaon? There is McDonald's breakfast... #Gurugram pic.twitter.com/KiO4K4TG1s

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) July 11, 2017

Sec 22 #Gurgaon market stays active till late. This is around 11:15PM 11/July. One if s proposed sector to get metro connectivity. #Gurugram pic.twitter.com/vlfJhvq1ys

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) July 11, 2017

Morning Hot tea and pakodas at @Chaayos DLF galleria . Explore #Gurgaon pic.twitter.com/QiwlYsSPDx

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) July 11, 2017

Delhi police PCR in sec 21 against an Eve teasing incident in bordering Delhi village
tonight #Gurgaon #gurugram pic.twitter.com/KHUZfuifk4

— gurgaoncom (@gurgaoncom) July 6, 2017