Turkey Coup Updates

तुर्की ने हवाई पट्टी की बंद

US Embassy in Turkey's safety advisory for American citizens:

Even though the government claims they are in control, unconfirmed social
media reports claiming explosions as recent as around 1030AM local time.

1500 troops arrested in Turkey in the aftermath of coup.

Via @TurkeyUntold

Prime Minister of Turkey:

It is 7AM in Turkey as they recover from the coup.

Soldiers surrendering?

<> TechCrunch reporting on Turkey Coup - says SM blocked. Don't worry TC. The coup seems to have been averted.

New China TV has a visual about half an hour ago

Al Jazeera's report one hour ago says, the coup attempt has failed

Did twitter intentionally slow down the service during the coup?

British Embassy in Ankara has this to say: